If you are interested in joining Wigan Pier Promotions as an artist, please complete this form in full. Please make sure that you have first read, understood and agreed to our terms of business.

After you have sent us the form, please send us by post or email, your current photos, any recorded material (audio and/or video) and any link/s to your own webpages with images, audio, video.

Please only apply if you are willing to audition or for us to come and see you. We will not use an act based on a Youtube video or demo.

When we are in receipt of all of these things we will contact you to discuss our procedures with regard to new artists.

Should you have any queries about this form, please call us on 01257 473 163.

Fees & Options

Wigan Pier Promotions will only offer competitively priced artists, so please do not inflate your usual fees. These fees represent fees for jobs within a 50 mile radius of your nearest city.

International Work

Wigan Pier Promotions work with a number of clients and agents based overseas. If you are interested in being offered jobs abroad please tick below. Please note that although we do book some 'fly-back' weekends / weeks, most of our overseas work is for a minimum period of four months.

Additional Info

If you think we need to know anything else about you and/your act, please type you comments below.

Artists Consent

If we receive your consent to act on your behalf, we will add you to our web site upon receipt of this completed form AND your promotional information, photos, music and video (on CD/DVD where possible). Please read the following information carefully:

Wigan Pier Promotions advertises and markets entertainers via our web site, brochures and marketing / promotional material. As an agent, we must:

  • have your permission to use your promotional material (images, audio and text) to promote your act within Wigan Pier Promotions
  • have your permission to act on your behalf when responding to enquiries
  • be able to use and release your contact details to clients (where appropriate)
  • be able to verbally secure your act when instructed to do so either verbally, electronically or in writing by a client
  • send you contracts to secure performances after verbally securing a booking with you and a client

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