Absolute Divas Multi Tribute Show.

Absolute Diva Tribute Show
Absolute Diva’s are a fantastic female multi tribute show that can perform up to
4 Diva tribute acts.
They perform an exciting and spectacular tribute to some of the most popular Diva’s that feature impressive
soundalike vocals with stunning and eye catching costumes that closely resemble the Diva’s originals.
Spanning across over 25 years worth of Diva hits this show will appeal to all ages and audiences.
The 4 tributes available are Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Jessie J and Ariana Grande.
In a dynamic and visually stunning 60 minute show guaranteed to keep the dance floor filled.
You can tailor your event by choosing
which Diva’s you would like to book from our list or simply just have all
4 Diva tributes.
Full sound & light show available to venues of any size.  Dancers also available on request.