Reinst80’d are a unique 80’s tribute show that have spent many years touring the country on the holiday park circuit as well as covering functions, clubs and pub work.

Reinst80’d’s trademark is the production of sound that can only be compared to the top 80’s acts such as Erasure or the Pet Shop Boys. This is due to the fact all the music is programmed by Nick and reproduced on-stage from Nick’s Keyboard rig giving a higher quality sound played at a level suitable for the venue.

Reinst80’d carry a choice of 1000w bi-amped HK P.A or an 11k State of the Art Turbosound system for larger venues. Complimented by a fully synced DMX light/laser show (where venue and regulations allow) giving a unique lighting sequence for every song making Reinst80’d a show rather than just another entertainment night.