Doctor Diablo

Dr Diablo has been performing sideshow feats since he was a teenager after a keen interest developed into a career. He is now one of the forefront performers in this industry and is known extensively in the bizarre world for his talent and knowledge. Ultimately professional and 100% authentic traditional performer- don’t settle for anything less.

Repertoire includes:
-Fire Eating and Blowing
-The Human Blockhead
-The Painproof Man
-Human Pincushion
-Bed of Nails
-Ladder of Swords
-The Man who can’t be hung
-Walking on broken glass
-Needle Swallowing
-Chinese Fire Eating
-Presentation of original sideshow acts-electric chair, the radium girl and more…

This show is performed at festivals, town centres and almost anywhere. The show comes self contained.
Space required for the pop up stage is 5 metres across and 3 metres deep and 4 metres high. The transit van the show comes in needs to be parked behind the show as it powers the show and also store the props and acts as a changing room. So this can be placed in the middle of a field and you would need to think about to provide power. Space in front is required for an audience.

Typically Doctor Diablo would perform 3 x 30 minute shows with his assistant.

This is a family friendly show but has a clear ‘PLEASE NOT TRY THIS AT HOME WARNING SIGN’.

This show is mesmerising, captivating, weird, wacky, shocking but very exciting.

This works well as part of a circus themed event.