HIPPOCHONDRIAC Part animal and part mechanical, Hieronymus the hippo is feeling under the weather. Fortunately, his companion doctor/mechanic is only too eager to show you what’s under the bonnet to diagnose the problem. What follows is an array of puppet shows built into the troubled creature revealing the origin of his malaise. Primarily walkabout, but tends to stop once every set to perform one of two available 5 minute shows Very good at interacting with people, and tends to draw a bit of a crowd 3 x 40 minute sets in a day (or 2 sets and a parade) Two performers – one operating the puppet and one acting as a guide (who is also a musician) It’s big and on wheels, so… no steps, no rough ground, no hills, no narrow alleys, and he can’t really go through doors unless very wide. He is OK on grass but not if it’s really muddy ground