Sport & Urban Entertainment

bmx_slide_6Global leaders in urban and sport entertainment. This incredible team is developed around the best urban sport stars from the world of Basketball, Football, BMX, Skateboard, Beat Boxing, Street Dance and Break Dancing, this is a truly unique urban sports entertainment experience that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

This dynamic sports team not only inspires people of all ages to embrace exercise and physical activity, but offers a unique platform and partnership opportunity for global brands, blue chip corporations, charities, local councils, schools and sports clubs to team up with the world class talent and players.

They consists of world class urban sport stars including UK Champions, European Champions and multiple World Record Holders. They have appeared on 100’s of TV shows, adverts and movies including high profile campaigns for a number of top agencies and brands. Over the years they have performed at thousands of events worldwide at exhibitions, trade shows, awards dinners, corporate events and private parties. They can also be seen performing and running urban sports academies throughout the UK and Europe as we believe that by providing the immense fun factor with high visual impact we can provide a wide appeal for both the commercial and social world. We strongly believe that our urban entertainers help pave the way for mass participation in these sports.

FootballThey regularly involves itself with a variety of community and council projects throughout the UK as well as working alongside the police and other professional services. There aim is to make a big influence on the youth of today by getting children off the streets and into something new and exciting whilst promoting a positive and active lifestyle. They truly believes that through this kind of work they can help pave the way for mass participation in these sports.

Whatever your event or budget they have something to suit.

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