Winter Sprites

“The Winter Sprites” is a strolling/walkabout street theatre show consisting of 2 puppeteer/performers operating 2 “Winter Sprite” bunraku-style puppets, (the puppeteers are visible, veiled, & are behind the puppets animating their movements, giving them voice, & making them fly, flit & leap around the performance area). The puppets are approx. 3ft tall & are costumed in glistening, icey colours that are illuminated with led lights integrated into the costumes, (perfect for daytime & evening events alike; festivals and parades).  The show is a strolling visual spectacle involving spoken interactions with the audience/public & accompanied by a magical ‘winter soundscape’.

“The Winter Sprites: Released into the human world in the months leading to Christmas these spirited & mischievous creatures float, fly & flit from person to place; investigating & exploring as they go & spreading festive cheer, quips & yarns of winter’s past, & stories galore!”
“Not of air and not of earth,
We come to bring you winter mirth.
Not of earth and not of air,
We come to bring you winter cheer.
Lights and sparkle, stars and moon –
Brighten frosty winter soon!
Though days be dark and short of light
Let our radiance be your light!”

Winter Sprites closeup_small (2) 3309_Lamplighter2014_Dec201_craigshawphoto 3435_Lamplighter2014_Dec201_craigshawphoto