Boom Bike

The Boom Bike can be used in many different formats as seen below and can adapt the costumes and music to almost any theme.

Boom Bike Bourree – the trio

Boom Bike – Solo with the Boom Bike. this is very versatile and so far here are some of the types of gigs it has been used on themed parades, mobile DJ for festivals, parties and weddings, late night shopping – A bespoke playlist can be created a related to the theme/ style of the event.

Mobile PA system – using radio mic(s) to amplify small bands, for speeches, fanfares for openings, backing tracks for dance groups,

Solo Velo – Solo doing a one-man-band loop sampling set with a loop pedal and a chariot load of instruments

Boom Bike Bandstand  2 Boom Bikes which are wirelessly linked for twice the volume and twice the fun! These have been used for pop-up bandstands and music on the move in parades.


  • Fully Insured – Full compliance with H&S – Full risk assessment
  • 750 watts of full-range sound – thumping bass and crystal clear sound mid/highs
  • Battery powered with up to 7 hours run-time.
  • 4 x radio microphones Ipod/ CD/ USB input
  • Kaoss Pad 3 digital audio FX
  • Mixing with twin CD decks or DJAY2 app
  • Boomerang loop sampler
  • LED lighting for night-time events
  • Chariot for carrying people or loads Weatherproofed
  • Solar panel for extended static use
  • Transported via ramp and van Set-up in 15 minutes
  • Rugged and maneuverable with a 36 Volt electric-assist motor for hills and fields
Boom Bike x2 Boom Bike Trio Boom Bike race