Belly Dancing Workshop

The workshop can incorporate a brief history take about the origins of belly dancing or just pure dance. Core muscle control and the development of zones of freedom This workshop examines and explains the basic posture used in belly dance, moving on to enjoying the feeling that the zones of freedom produces; maximum movement, minimal effort. This workshop can be tailored to accommodate beginners or improvers. Shimmies And all they can do! Covering all the basic shimmies and bodyquakes used in modern Egyptian style, from a standing start right through to moving and layering. A high energy, fun workshop. Shaabi Discover this funky Egyptian music, with big moves and sassy style from the streets of Cairo. This workshop includes tuition on the meaning of this style and the singers and musicians who perform Shabbi. Khaleegi An introduction to the dance style and music of the Gulf regions, with simple to learn step choreography. Tunisian An introduction to the music and steps of this fascinating and fun North African dance, with additional tuition covering the costuming and history of the region. Slow and Sensual Unlock the delicious side of Oriental dance and how the use of the abdominal muscles can help you with camels and undulations. Iraqi Style Discover this unique style and music with an introduction to the basic moves and music, high energy and fantastic fun Music Interpretation Masterclass What makes the dance ultimately Egyptian? Its the way we use and interpret the music that makes Egyptian style belly dance so unique. This workshop focuses on moves and music , including a look at rhythms and combinations Masterclasses and Private Tuition Tracey also runs high-end technique masterclasses and private tuition on a one to one basis.

Many dancers find that one to one tuition helps them to achieve more from their dance, including those wishing to become professionals. With over 15 years performance experience, Tracey can help with technique, presentation, costuming & choreography. What to wear Loose comfortable clothing and if you have one, bring a scarf to wrap around your hips. Most students dance in bare feet but you can also wear ballet pumps.

Testimonials. “Thank you so much for everything you did. The girls who came to the workshops have been contacting me in their droves to rave about your teaching. Your performances were stunning and your easygoingness was a huge help. You helped make the day a huge success. Thank you again.