Drum Workshop

DM uses traditional Samba Reggae instruments, to create pumping dance floor grooves influenced by…Jazz, Reggae, Afro beat, Drum N Bass, Funk, Samba reggae, Dub etc. Workshop It will depend massively on the range of abilities within each group. Each session will start with a warm up, including percussion and movement to help establish the range of abilities and determine who can do what.

They start with basics of a rhythm which will then be developed with each group at a pace relevant to them. This will include a range of percussion instruments from hand held to large drums. The same will apply for the movement / dance /choreography By the end of the session a piece of work will have been created to perform. At the end of the sessions each group with perform their pieces for each other. This is suitable for schools, social groups, corporate team building or anyone who want to have some fun learning new skills and techniques