Cuban Salsa Or Brazilian Samba Or Turkish Percussion Or North African Percussion Music Workshops

1. Brazilian samba: Carnival rhythms from Rio De Janeiro.
2. North African rhythms: Traditional hand drum rhythms from Egypt and the surrounding area.
3. Turkish percussion: Traditional celebration rhythms from Turkey.
4. Cuban salsa: Percussion from the heart of Havanna.

The workshops will begin with a warm-up using body percussion. This is important to help to get to know the group, warm the body and to get an insight into what to expect in the forthcoming session. There will be a short chat about the history of the musical style followed by an introduction to all the instruments that will be used, with their names and roles within the band. Then, the group will be taught a basic rhythm based on simplified traditional rhythms. Once the basic parts have been developed, the group will learn some more complex and traditional rhythms and breaks that one might experience at Rio Carnival, a beach in Havana or maybe a celebration or gathering in Egypt or Turkey.

During this process each person will have the chance to experience each of the traditional instruments. Towards the end of the session, the aim will be to play a whole piece of music from start to finish involving changes in rhythm, percussion breaks and conducting. All of the material learnt during the session will be tailored to the groups and each individuals abilities. So whether you have experience or not in this kind of music, then there is something for everyone. Each session, no matter how long will be aimed at having a new and fun experience. All instruments are provided. A group performance and or audio recordings can be worked in to the sessions if desired.